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is landing

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Architecture by Zaha Hadid is comming to Graz.

A contribution
to modern urban

ARGOS is the vision of an architectural beacon in the heart of the Graz old town - an extraordinary building, dedicated to the people who will use it.
Dr. Reinhard Hohenberg and Mag. Dieter Johs
“Bold architecture will always be a cause for discussion. However, Graz has earned an international project like this. In addition to the preservation of valuable buildings, there must also be room for new, targeted, high-quality architecture.”
Zaha Hadid
„I'm trying to discover - invent, I suppose - an architecture and forms of urban planning, that do something of the same thing in a contemporary way. I started out trying to create buildings that would sparkle like isolated jewels; now I want them to connect, to form a new kind of landscape, to flow together with contemporary cities and the lives of their people.“