Architectural appeal for Graz

Extraordinary shapes, dynamically flowing lines and outward-facing eyes - bubbles - create a contemporary, architectural flair right in the middle of the Gründerzeit facades of the Graz old town. With ARGOS, the city of Graz underscores its architectural vision together with project developer WEGRAZ, and once again backs up its reputation as an architecture stronghold.
Zaha Hadid
„My buildings promise optimism. In any case, I believe that I can express something in the architecture, something that we don’t suspect is possible – an order of things, a different view of the world.“

As early as 2004, the great architect Zaha Hadid won the international competition initiated by WEGRAZ for the development of the area in the historic Graz inner city. After years of coordination work with the old town expert commission and urban planning, the ground-breaking finally took place in 2015.

the name
ARGOS by Zaha Hadid Architects

the architecture
Another friendly Alien is bringing
art and design to town

planned completion

ARGOS, the name of the project, says it all. The generously dimensioned window elements protruding from the facade are reminiscent of the proverbial eyes of Argos, the mythical giant with its countless eyes, some of which are always open. Some of the "bubbles" are integrated as an extension to the room, so you can move from the living room directly into the window curvature and quasi immerse yourself in the city life from there.
Dr. Reinhard Hohenberg and Mag. Dieter Johs
„ARGOS will enrich the cityscape. We can imagine that many visitors will come to Graz simply because of such buildings.“