Project partners in an interview
Interior designer Martin Cserni in an interview about design and interior decoration

What design concepts are followed by the interior design of ARGOS?
In the interior design, we have incorporated the curved lines of the facade and carried them over to the floorplans in the interior areas. This results in rooms that convey the movement of the facade into the interior of the building. The feeling of lightness and dynamics is also supported by the lighting. We work with different ceiling levels and use indirect light to better reflect the shapes. In this design concept, the permanently installed pieces of furniture with their own styling fit in as special individual elements.

How would you describe the style of the interior design?
As relaxed, airy and light. The facade is white, so it was important for us to bring colour into the interior. To do this, we use some coloured wallpaper. Loose and light design furniture with unusual fabrics and pieces of furniture that do not appear too dominant let the area as a whole come to life. We draw on a loft-style design, high-quality materials and selected shapes that determine the spatial image.

Innenarchitekt Dipl.-Ing. Martin Cserni
„We draw on a loft-style design, high-quality materials and selected shapes that determine the spatial image.“

How did you implement your high design standards with ARGOS?
With ARGOS, we created special rooms with outstanding views. Due to the "bubbles," the view is directed to the outside like looking through a picture frame. That way, the surroundings become a design element in the interior, creating a relaxed, floating living experience. The airy integrated fixtures disappear into the walls. You can see the spacious room, which is expanded to the outside by the special Argos eyes.

Interior designer Martin Cserni with his team is responsible for the interior design of the fully-furnished, serviced flats on the inside of ARGOS. The focus of this international company is the goal of making the quality of life come alive in the space with an uncompromising combination of intelligent functionality, inspiring style and quality craftsmanship. Professional preparation and personal care, sophisticated design services as well as timely and professional implementation are the basis for each project of the Cserni Group.

WEGRAZ has been successful in project development since 1974. The range of services of the company includes prominent revitalization projects and new buildings in residential, retail, commercial, and industrial sectors. WEGRAZ pursues a location-based development strategy, since each location has its special requirements. The ultimate goal is to meet defined customer requirements. During this, the focus is on conscientious project planning and project development.
Mag. Dieter Johs from WEGRAZ GmbH in an interview about the ARGOS project

ARGOS is a symbol of modern architecture and exceptional living comfort. What motivated WEGRAZ to initiate this project?
We were and are of the opinion that Graz has earned an internationally renowned project like this. In addition to the preservation of valuable buildings, there must also be room for new, targeted, high-quality architecture.

What more can be expected of the building, apart from the unique signature of Zaha Hadid?
The project has innovative functionality, because we allow for serviced apartments there, which have not yet existed in this quality in Graz. This offer meets high standards, especially for long-term guests, and promises comfort and quality. You can rent an apartment and move in at any time – the units are fully furnished. In addition, there are special services such as laundry and dry cleaning service. That way life becomes easier and flexible. That is what we want to achieve with the offer.

How does ARGOS manage to fit harmoniously into the historic cityscape?
If I want to allow innovation, then I have to go beyond certain notions. Successful examples of this in Graz are the Kunsthaus (Art Museum) and Murinsel (Island in the Mur). They show that old and new can result in a very interesting and appealing combination. The uniquely shaped bubbles of ARGOS pick up on the theme of the historical facades of neighbouring houses.