Graz and its modern architecture

At least since 2003, Graz has been not only a cultural capital, but also an architectural capital. With the Kunsthaus (Art Museum) and the Murinsel (Island in the Mur), two ambitious as well as impressive projects were realised. Hence, Graz became a prime example of how even the World Heritage Site, the old town, can be combined successfully with modern architecture. And the fact that this apparent craving for culture and innovation was not just a snapshot is proven by the "City of Design" title awarded to the city by UNESCO in 2011. ARGOS in Burggasse 15 will be another sensational, architectural masterpiece.
Zaha Hadid
„My buildings promise optimism. In any case, I believe that I can express something in the architecture, something that we don’t suspect is possible – an order of things, a different view of the world.“